Find Your Perfect Side Biz

Your perfect side biz will be different from anyone else's, even if they look the same from the outside. This workbook takes you step-by-step to a business that is profitable and pleasurable.

The Money Journal

If you hate structure like I do, this Journal will be a welcome alternative to

Here's what they say . . .

Sherrie St. Cyr could very well be the answer to your money management prayers! Finally someone has come along who can help us understand our personal money mindset and the triggers that sabotage our spending. If you are ready to get away from money guilt, Sherrie has the knowledge and experience to show you how! Thank you, Sherrie!

Melaina Raburn

I love Sherrie’s Money Journal. It really helps you get to the heart of how you feel about money, work through your obstacles, and make a solid budget plan. Thanks so much, Sherrie!

Sue Holloway