tired of "impossible" budgeting programs?

Discover the 5 simple shifts that will end your money stress in this 7 minute video.

How much is Your Money management style costing you?

  • How much are you WASTING on things that don't bring you joy?
  • How much INTEREST are you paying each month?
  • How many ARGUMENTs have you and your spouse had about money?
  • Have you started UNHEALTHY HABITS to try to get away from your money stress?

Sherrie St. Cyr

Hi, I'm Sherrie, nice to meet you!

If you hate budgets and structure, but know you need to figure out “this money thing”, you’re in the right place. I offer simple, yet powerful tools, to help you make more, save more, and enjoy more.

You Can

The simple tools I teach will help you spend less time budgeting and more time enjoying your life.

Melaina Raburn

Sherrie St. Cyr could very well be the answer to your money management prayers! Finally, someone has come along who can help us understand our personal money mindset and the triggers that sabotage our spending. If you're ready to get away from money guilt, Sherrie has the knowledge and experience to show you how. Thanks, Sherrie!

Shelley Seigler Merchant

She's able to ask those probing questions that help me uncover the solution I needed...often to the point that I'm left wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?" I think that's her true genius - she helps you uncover the truth that's already inside you so that your solution is one that works for you

How it works?

Simple Shifts to Success

It all starts with a single first step.

Take these shifts in bite-size chunks and it will be an easy journey. Pack your back with a big dose of “sense of humor” and self-compassion and enjoy. Relax! It’s only money!

Ready to start?

Watch the video and then choose your starting point.

Watch the 5 Shifts Video
Take 7 minutes to learn what my approach is all about.
Get the Money Journal
The tools in the Money Journal will help you implement the 5 shifts easily.
Take the Money Matrix Assessment
This step personalizes the shifts, so you focus on the shifts that will give you the most leverage..
Take the Course
Relax! It's Only Money (the course) goes deeper into each shift and provides more tools for your transformation. Join the community for support and clarity.
Join the Community
Let's go deeper down the rabbit hole together. I bring more woo-woo into the community, because once you've been through the course you can see more clearly where it is and isn't useful.

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