My focus is to help you make bridge the gap between your budget and your behavior, so you reach your goals faster and easier.

Hello there, I’m Sherrie St. Cyr!

I’m a psychotherapist with a BS in Finance and Banking and I founded The Money Spa in 2020. I’ve been in the business of helping people of all ages make changes in their lives and habits for more than 20 years.

  Let's work together  

As a financial self-care advocate and coach or, more specifically, your coach—my top priorities are to:

Educate: Offer guidance and education about sound financial principles and proven techniques to support behavior change

Assist: Coach and help guide you along your journey & help you experience the benefits of a healthy relationship to money.



A few more fun facts about me

  • I studied at the University of Texas at Arlington and earned a Master of Science in Social Work. My BS in Finance and Banking is from LSU.
  • I'm a synthesizer. I don't think any one framework or perspective offers all the answers. I believe in taking what works from each one and leaving the rest.
  • I’ve made my share of money mistakes.
  • I've budgeted as a college student paying my own way, a single woman, a married working woman, a stay-at-home Mom, the wife of an unemployed husband, and as a single parent.
  • Through learning my own lessons and years of study I've learned the simple steps that can help you change your mind, change your behavior, and change your future.


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