About Sherrie

Financial Therapist

The Real Question

Let’s face it – the real question you have isn’t about me, but whether I can help you.

And the answer is “probably”. 

I’ve been a therapist for over 20 years and a coach for 7. I’ve worked with people on small changes they wanted to make and I’ve worked with people who wanted to overhaul their lives (and did!). 

I’m half the equation, and you’re the other half. Are you ready for a real change? And are you willing to be wrong? Above all, do you have, or are you willing to develop a sense of humor? If you can answer yes to those questions, we’re most likely good to go.

About those credentials

Yes, I’ve got some – a BS in Finance and Banking and a Masters in Social Work. And I learned some things while getting them. 

But I’ve learned a lot more from my years of experience. It means you get a short-cut.  I like short-cuts, do you?

Even more important

If you’re struggling with wondering what everyone knows about money that you don’t, or down on yourself for not managing what you have better, or for not making more, or anything else related to money, I’ve been there.

Financially, I’ve been up and I’ve been down. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom with a 6-figure husband (back when 6 figures meant something). I’ve been a working mom with two kids and two jobs after the 6-figure husband got laid off and didn’t work at all for 18 months. Now I’m a single mom paying cash for my son’s college tuition. 

I’ve known carefree financial days and sleepless nights. I’ve taken clothes back to Target for refunds when I really shouldn’t have bought them in the first place and I’ve planned a trip to Sweden on a whim, because “why not?”. 


What you won't get

Check out my social media. You won’t see any “lifestyle” pics to convince you my life is wonderful and yours will be, too, if you just work with me. 

The only way my life is really relevant to yours is the experience I’ve had that helps me understand what you’re going through and my education that helps me know how to help you through it.