About Sherrie St. Cyr

Hi! I’m Sherrie

I’m a financial self-care advocate and coach.

Financial coaching or money coaching addresses how you think feel, and act with regard to your money, as well as how that affects your relationships and your financial health. Whether you are drawn to this work because you’ve had an unexpected change in your financial situation (for better or worse) or you’re ready to change a lifelong pattern of self-sabotage, financial coaching could be the answer. Unlike therapy, financial coaching avoids labels and focuses on helping you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t.

That’s me, cleverly and convincingly disguised as a rather vanilla older lady. Don’t be deceived! Under that sedate facade is the heart of a rebel, the tongue of a sailor (at least in private) and an attitude that can be scarily contrarian at times. And yet . . .

As a psychotherapist I’ve been helping people set goals, make changes, and improve their lives for over 20 years (yes, I’m old). I’ve also made my own share of not-so-smart money moves and life has thrown a lot at me at times. I’ll keep it short, but I’ve survived divorce, bankruptcy, and the medical costs of two pacemakers. I’ve raised two boys as a single parent and I’m helping one through college as I write this.

I’ve budgeted as a college student paying my own way, a single woman, a married working woman, a stay-at-home Mom, the wife of an unemployed husband, and as a single parent. There’ve been times with lots of money and times with not much.

Through learning my own lessons and years of helping my clients as a psychotherapist I’ve learned the simple steps that can help you change your mind, change your behavior, and change your future.

Yes, I did some book learning along the way. My BS is in Finance and Banking and my Masters is in Social Work. Kind of a weird combo, I know, but that’s exactly why I’m able to help you with your money. I understand the numbers, and I also understand that money management isn’t ALL about the numbers.

Working as a financial self-care coach lets me combine my expertise and my passion – helping people make better money decisions AND make them stick.

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The Impulse Spending Prevention Kit does not contain financial advice. It is designed to help you change behavior. How you spend your money is up to you!