Money Clarity in One Hour

Are you a yo-yo budgeter?

Your budget always works on paper, right? But then life happens and well, then the numbers don’t add up anymore.

You know you make “enough” money, but it feels like you should be doing better with it.  Sometimes you wonder what everyone else knows that you obviously don’t.

Sometimes you get really motivated and track your spending for, oh, about half a day. But you really don’t like it and it doesn’t last long.

I have good news - this can be easier than you think!

What’s missing is someone else’s perspective and experience. You can’t see what you can’t see, and your friends and family have “a dog in the fight”, so to speak, so they can’t be objective and you can’t hear their wisdom because emotions get in the way.

You’re probably thinking – what could we possibly accomplish in an hour? A LOT!

With the right questions and a targeted framework, I can help you get clear on exactly what you want to change and provide strategies and tools to get you started.

Will you be a millionaire by the end of the session? No. (I’m good, but I’m not THAT good!) What you will be is clear and prepared to take the first steps toward consistent, effective action that moves you in the direction you want to go. 

The secret to success, you know, is doing the basics right over and over. 


Hi! I'm Sherrie . . .

Just in case you’re not already familiar with me and my work – a little bit of introduction.

I help people who hate to budget learn simple skills that make it less painful, so they can stop worrying about money and enjoy their life. 

I’m a psychotherapist with a Masters in Social Work and a BS in Finance and Banking. I know – weird combination.

That weird combination is exactly the reason I’m the perfect person to help you understand and CHANGE your money habits. I understand this issue from both sides – the numbers and the emotions.


And I’ve been where you are. For years, even with that BS, I struggled with money. And I always thought “just another $1,000 a month” and I’d have it under control. But when I found my dream job (which I still have, and love) and it came with a substantial raise (more than that $1,000 a month), and I STILL couldn’t make my budget work, I knew it was time to look deeper.

I began to use the tools I was using with my therapy patients and apply them to my budgeting and spending. They worked (surprise!) and now I enjoy passing them on to others.

How it Works

  • You invest about 15 minutes in a simple online exercise and answer a few pre-call questions
  • I review your results and answers
  • We schedule a 30- minute coaching call
  • I send a recording of the call along with follow-up resource recommendations

What You Get

  • A new perspective on your "money issues"
  • Clear goals
  • Simple tools to use for the rest of your life (really!)

Bonus Tools

Impulse Spending Prevention Kit

Print a chastity belt for your debit or credit card to reduce your spending in stores. Track USEFUL information in your daily Money Journal and take 7 simple actions to reduce your online impulse spending. It adds up to success!

Printable Money Journal Pages

The key to success is repeating basic skills consistently. This collection of 6 printable journal pages will help you build consistency AND insight.

Audio Superpower Training

This short training guides you through a simple exercise to build the MOST CRITICAL skill you need to turn your money story around. Takes about 5 minutes and you’ll need a Mento!

Schedule today and get started!

Schedule a time for your call on my calendar. All coaching sessions are scheduled between 6 and 9 (Central time) or on weekends. I can keep this investment minimal because that day job I love pays me well, so I don’t have to support myself on my coaching fees, but that also limits my availability. 

After I receive payment, I’ll send an email with a link to the assessment tool and your pre-coaching questions. 

After our coaching session I’ll send a final email with the bonuses and any resource recommendations.

This purchase includes 30 minutes of coaching plus digital downloads.  If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours before your appointment. Coaching is not refundable after we have had our session. Got questions? Contact me here.

regularly $97 - $67 today